Flower Essence Art

AIP_home_BorageImageI am currently working on a series of paintings that are inspired by flower essences. Flower essences are tinctures which are made from the electromagnetic imprint of flowers preserved in distilled water. These tinctures are used for healing purposes. They are a form of “vibrational medicine” and are used to help with not only physical conditions but emotional and spiritual conditions as well.

I became interested in flower essences because they were being brought up in my intuitive consultations. When they were first being mentioned I did not know why I was receiving words like “star tulip” or “agrimony.” After doing some research I realized that I was being given the name of flower essences and that they were being mentioned because they were relevant to my clients’ particular concerns.

Creating these paintings is my way of celebrating the healing power of plants and their desire to work in cooperation with us and our great needs for healing and self-love.

In the future I hope to share my work with you.

Please contact me if you have questions about flower essences or have questions about my paintings.  I look forward to hearing from you.